Welcome to the BAFCA Coaches Blog. For those of you with long enough memories, you may recall the old BAFCA Sidelines newsletter, so in the spirit of modernisation I have revised it as a monthly guest blog from our coaches who would like to share anything of relevance to other members. If you would like to contribute, please drop me a line on:


As part of the BAFCA Coaches Blog series developed by Coach Peter Laird we are delighted to showcase his research into the history of the Association.  This also showcases his long affiliation to Coach Development and BAFCA.

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Coaches Blog May ’19 – Sidelines

This months blog comes from Coach Simon Hatcher of Hertfordshire University.  This is a follow up blog from one Simon did a while ago on coaching observation .  This blog follows Coach Hatcher’ s recent trip to Georgia Tech. We hope the article will help coaches and not just sound like a memoir of a holiday! Coach Hatcher’s hope is that it can walk the line between giving some interesting information and being respectful of the organisation which was kind enough to allow him full access.

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Coaches Blog Mar ’19 – Sidelines

This months blog comes from Martin Harrison of Edinburgh University. A long time uni coach with Brighton Tsunami before joining the Predators, Martin is well accustomed to planning quickly, and gives us a tremendous insight into designing an Offense that fits your teams needs. If you would like to contribute to sidelines please drop me an email on:


…Read Setting up an offense for Uniball

Tony Athersmith

Coaches Blog Feb ’19 – Sidelines


As part of our ongoing Blog series, we have reached out to some of our UK coaches to submit articles on various topics that we hope will be of interest to the wider community.


This month we have a fantastic contribution from GB Coach Tony Athersmith on the topic of Quarterback play, an area that can still seem a little specialised to some coaches. We are delighted to say Tony will be submitting follow up articles in the next couple of months. We hope you enjoy.


…Read Coaching QBs, the GB Lion’s Way

Blog - PL

Coaches Blog Jan ’19 – Sidelines


To kick start our blog series I wanted to write something that may be of use to all members regardless of the level or league they coach in. BAFCA believes in our motto of Engage, Educate and Energise so it seemed appropriate that I tried to write some simple advice on coach development.

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