The British American Football Research Group

The British American Football Research Group is a loose collaboration of academics dedicated to producing academic research in British American Football.


Through BAFCA, we aim to provide a place where people can submit academic research in our sport to reach a wider audience and increase collaboration and input.


Our aim is to encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as interested academics, to submit their studies for the benefit of the wider community and allow us to grow the limited amount of British American Football research.


The group aims to create a share point for those looking to undertake research as well as a resource for launching studies that require volunteers and participants.

Meet the Group


Pete Laird

Programme Leader Sports Coaching
Edinburgh University

with research areas of coaching science, coach retention and performance analysis.


Stuart Miller

Lecturer in Biomechanics
Queen Mary University of London

with research topics ranging from environmental physiology to musculoskeletal mechanics, movement and motor control, along with a passion for statistics. Stuart is also a statistician for the ICHIRF project


Andrea Scott-Bell

Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University

in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, specialising in management of injury and illness in elite sport.


Eleanor Travis

PhD Student, Graduate Sports Therapist

with MSc Strength and Conditioning. Investigating injury in British American Football.