BAFCA announce partnership with WatchGameFilm

BAFCA announce partnership with WatchGameFilm

In the pursuit to support our coaches BAFCA developed a Film Access & Exchange working party to look at the variety of options available after the Hudl price increase and storage decrease.

From the a variety of options were investigated. However, the one option that provided all of the functionality our coaches require and more, at a cost affective price with unlimited storage was WatchGameFilm.

As well as the products functionality and future developments of the 2XL package in March 2020, the shining light which has cemented BAFCA’s endorsement of the product to its coaches and programmes, is the communication and partnership relationship that WatchGameFilm wish to developed with our organisation, coaches and programmes in the UK.

Becky Sharpe from WatchGameFilm recently attended the BAFCA Convention and all feedback from our coaches on the product and partnership has been extremely positive.

BAFCA President Wayne Hill states, “In all of our dealings with WatchGameFilm the discussion has been what they can do for us and how the product fits our needs. Also, the fact that everyone we have spoken to and met at WatchGameFilm have been really great people and this goes along way to building a solid partnership.”