BAFCA Members Login and Education Pathway

Members Login and Education Pathway

Dear Member

As you would have seen from the recent press release BAFCA is working with USA Football to support our Coach Education Programme and Qualification structure.  To enable this to happen ALL BAFCA members will need to set up a USA Football account.  You can do this by following the below steps:

  • Click the following link to create your account under BAFCA:

  • Select “Coach” as primary role during registration

NB:  If you already have a USA Football account please just attach yourself to the BAFCA organisation as a coach on your profile.

Once you have completed your registration you will be attached the BAFCA organisation within USA Football.  This will allow you to not only access large amounts of free coach education resources, courses, videos, practice planners, health and safety information and much more.  You will also be able to undertaken certification courses at a nominal fee which will either go towards coaches ongoing CPD accreditation, be pre course material for Level 2, Level 3 and our Leadership and Management courses.  Also, and even more exciting the portal will be the vehicle for our members to uplift their Level 1 qualification to the comply with all Level 1’s having the Heads Up qualification as part of the certification.  (All Level 1’s pre 2016)

At our convention a draft Education proposal was shared with our members.  From this it stated that all members who had a Level 1 qualification before 2016 must complete a ½ day Heads Up qualification.  However, to support coaches with logistics, time commitment and costs associated to doing this, we have now confirmed that all Level 1 Coaches pre 2016 must complete the USA Football Youth Tackle Certification which incorporates Heads Up Football Shoulder Tackling and the new ‘Tip of the Spear’ Contact system. For all of our Flag specific coaches who do not require Heads Up Football, we are recommending that they complete the Flag Football Certification to refresh and upskill their qualification.  Both of these qualification cost only $10 which I am sure BAFCA members will appreciate as it would have cost a lot more to renew their qualifications in person.

The timeline for all pre 2016 Level 1 Coaches to complete the USA Football Youth Tackle Certification or if appropriate USA Football Flag Football Certification is December 2019.  From this period BAFCA will be looking to stipulate members complete the appropriate online Contact System qualification once every two years to support the delivery of a Safer Sport for our players.

By being part of the BAFCA organisation on the USA Football portal this allows BAFCA to see the additional courses you have taken and certifications.  You will also receive online certificates that can be downloaded and upload to your Azolve portal as proof of your certification and ongoing CPD.

We will release in a separate document the BAFCA CPD programme as well as the process and prerequisite USA Football and Human Kinetics qualifications for our Level 2, Level 3 and our Leadership and Management courses.  This will allow our certification courses to be more focused on the practical elements of coaching.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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