BAFCA Partnership with Human Kinetics

BAFCA Partnership with Human Kinetics The BAFCA partnership with Human Kinetics continues to develop with the introduction of our very own ‘BAFCA Bookstore’. The book store linked below will allow our members to search for specific titles based on Coaching Football, Coaching Philosophy and Strength & Conditioning. BAFCA will also use this page to host…

NFL Way to Play Virtual Workouts

NFL Way to Play Virtual Workouts Total body exercises with warm up, circuit and mobility phases. These exercises are not intended to supplement any fitness programs you may be following and complement your training and conditioning schedules. #StayHomeStayStrong NFL Way to Play – Virtual Workouts


A NEW TEACHING TOOL FOR CONTACT SAVE 20% WITH PROMO CODE: TURKEY20   Equip your team for success on every snap with the NEW Advanced Tackling & Contact Certification. As a coach, you don’t control the outcome of every play, but you do give your athletes the tools for success. This certification course offers instructional videos, drills and in-depth insight…

Coach Tube

Coach Tube Online football Training Videos and Courses teaching football strategy, technique, and X and O teaching how to coach football. Coach Tube – Football

USA Football – Coaching beyond X’s & O’s

Coaching Beyond X’s and O’s USA Football leads the game’s development for youth, high school, and other amateur players. USA Football advances coaching education and player skill development for safer play and positive experiences through athletics. USA Football – Coaching Beyond X’s and O’s

NFL Way to Play

Resources for Coaches As leaders, coaches are responsible for teaching players the values of football that extend beyond the field. From tips on communicating with both parents and players to the NFL Way to Play, explore resources to help build your coaching style. NFL Way to Play

Mind Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity Did you know? One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. That could be anyone you see down at your local sports club or leisure centre. USA Football Courses