Supporting Coach Education

The partnership between BAFCA and USA Football focuses on five strands, which not only support the development of our educators and qualification system, but also enhance opportunities for our members and their continued professional development.  The five elements to the partnership include:



Benefit #1

BAFCA members have an individualised portal as part of the USA Football website.


Benefit #2

BAFCA members having the ability to undertake specific training courses online, which will ensure certain BAFCA qualifications are kept up to date.


Benefit #3

BAFCA members having access to many resources and additional online qualifications, which will support the BAFCA Continued Professional Development structure, our Level 1 to 4 BAFCA qualifications and our new Leadership and Management qualification.


Benefit #4

USA Football support and engage at BAFCA’s annual Coaching Convention.


Benefit #5

Our BAFCA education team having undertaken their USA Football master trainer qualification, will support the delivery of our coach education and contact system courses across Great Britain.


This partnership allows BAFCA to continue to support our coaches in delivering a safer game for our players.  Having listened to our members, BAFCA has dovetailed online certifications with our new qualification structure, ensuring our members have the ability to keep their certifications up to date and undertake pre-course learning, supporting a  more practical face to face course delivery.


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