Important Information for Coaches


Upon auditing the Azolve registration system over the last few days, it has come to our attention that on a positive note we have 570 coaches registered. However, only 1/5 of these coaches have stated their qualification level on their membership.

ALL Coaches must check their registrations and ensure that their qualification level is completed on their registration.

Also, coaches must ensure that certificates pertaining to the qualification level are uploaded. For all Pre 2016 Level 1 and 2 coaches this should also include your USA Football Youth Tackle Certification.

If qualification status and uploads are not completed by 1st January 2019 then we will presume that the coaches registered are unqualified and then will not be able to be on the sidelines come February.

If coaches do require a replacement certificate to upload, these can be obtained using the below link. Replacement certificates cost £5.50:  Replacement Certificates

Also, there are a number of teams that have not registered the minimum required amount of three Level 1 coaches for the BUCS season. Russ is currently reviewing this and will be contacting AU's and Teams to ensure that ALL teams have the required minimum number of Level 1 coaches.
Obviously, if this is not completed by to 1st January 2019, then teams will be reported to BUCS and this may affect further participation in the BUCS season.